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ALLERCEPT® Full Environmental Screening

ALLERCEPT® Full Environmental Screening

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About the Test

The ALLERCEPT® Full Environmental Screening assesses sensitivity to 24 environmental allergens, using advanced detection technologies to provide a comprehensive analysis of environmental triggers affecting horses.

Why Test?

Testing with ALLERCEPT® Full Environmental Screening can identify specific environmental allergens affecting your horse, enabling targeted management strategies that improve their quality of life and prevent more serious allergic reactions.

Benefits of the ALLERCEPT® Test

  • 24 European allergens tested in a single panel.
  • High sensitivity, with a detection limit as low as 10pg of specific IgE per sample.
  • Results are accurately reported within 8 working days, providing a fast turnaround time.

Special Considerations

  • The test should not be performed on horses under anti-allergy treatment or immediately after treatment, as these conditions can interfere with the results.


  • How can anti-allergy treatments affect the test results? Anti-allergy treatments may mask the presence of specific IgE, potentially leading to false negatives. It is best to perform the test when the horse is not under these treatments.
  • What makes ALLERCEPT® Full Environmental Screening different from other allergy tests? This test uses innovative approaches to prevent interfering CCD-IgE reactions and ensures absolute specificity with the help of its unique detection technology.
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