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Equigerminal is committed to high standard quality R&D+I, services and products.

We’re developing proprietary and innovative technology in diagnostics and therapeutics areas for equine viruses.

Our R&D programs are supported by Portugal 2020 – the partnership agreement between Portugal and European Commission. This Partnership Agreement acknowledges and underlines the role of R&D policy in promoting the country’s competitiveness and internationalisation.

Equigerminal has been developing a number of projects approved and funded by Portugal 2020 – the European Regional Operational Programme Centro.

The Centro 2020 Regional Operational Programme (ROP) is the main funding instrument available to the region for the implementation of its development strategy in the period 2014-2020.

The Centro 2020 contributes to promoting the competitiveness of the Centro region’s economy and its sustainable development and internal cohesion.

Around 8 % is dedicated to boost research and technical development (RTD) and innovation – helping the country reach its national Europe 2020 target to increase the proportion of GDP spent on RTD from 2.7% to 3.3% (it was at 1.5% in 2011).

In particular, the Centro 2020 investment is expected to foster research and innovation knowledge transfer to SMEs.

Equigerminal Funded projects – PT2020

  • Eligible amount: € 453,482.49
  • Total approved amount: € 285,395.16
  Co-financed by PT 2020 (Centro 2020) – European Regional Development Fund


  • To evaluate potential cross–species transmission of the New Equine Virus (NEV);
  • To develop an antiviral therapy for equine viruses.
  • To validate a test kit – NEV-CHECK- to detect NEV.
  • To develop a NEV-CHECK manufacturing pilot line.

     Expected Results

  • Knowledge about NEV tropism in other species.
  • Generate data to support a PCT on antiviral therapies for Equine viruses.
  • A validated product – NEV-CHECK c-ELISA able to detect NEV.
  • Certified pilot line to manufacture NEV-CHECK c-ELISA.

  • Eligible amount: € 95,000.00
  • Total Fund amount: € 47,500.00
 Co-financed by PT 2020 (Centro 2020) – European Regional Development Fund


  • To submit international patent applications on NEV diagnostics and therapies.

     Expect Results

  • Granting of international patents.

QREN Funded projects 


QREN (Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional 2007-2013) – QREN was a Portuguese incentive program operating under the European Community Policy aiming at an increased competitiveness of Portuguese economy by valuing knowledge, science and technology, social inclusion and sustained development.


 Generation and consolidation of a new diagnostic test

CENTRO-07-0202-FEDER-038637 – I&DT – 10/04/2014

  • Eligible amount: € 404.525,61€
  • Total approved amount: € 230.853,62€
Co-financed by the QREN, under “Mais Centro” – Regional Operational  Programme of the Centre


Internationalisation / EQG2.0 Platform

CENTRO-07-0203-FEDER-031992 – Inovation – 26/07/2013 

  • Eligible amount: € 254.228,60
  • Total approved amount: € 164.650,59
Co-financed by the QREN, under “Mais Centro” – Regional Operational Programme of the Centre


Development of a diagnostic test for a new variant of equine infectious anemia virus

CENTRO-07-0202-FEDER-018536 – I&DT – 29/07/2011

  • Eligible amount: € 369.395,39
  • Total approved amount: € 187.817,33
Co-financed by the QREN, under “Mais Centro” – Regional Operational Programme of the Centre