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Company Info

Our biggest achievements 

So far our biggest achievements were on the identification of a new viral threat, the New Equine Virus, (NEV), development of diagnostics and antiviral therapies to fight deadly horse virus.
NEV is  a HIV-1 like horse virus, that induces a debilitating horse disease that could lead to fatal neuro-muscular disease in horses.
At Equigerminal the main focus has been on the detection side of horse debilitating conditions and sickness by the use of innovative diagnostics.
We also make available the new  tools to horse-owners and veterinarians in a user friendly and convenient manner.

Our Challenges 

Our next challenge is to market innovative solutions for horses by launching the first antiviral therapy to combat deadly viral diseases, such as  Equine Herpesvirus 1, Swamp fever (EIAV) and NEV.

Our Company

Equigerminal is a privately backed company with two sole shareholders, Isabel Carvalho and Alexandre Pires
Equigerminal was backed by venture capital between April 2012 and May of 2016. The venture capital funds exited Equigerminal on a trade sale with its management team, in May 2016. 


Equigerminal won several awards, such as 5 project grants from the Regional European Union Funds  🇪🇺, Connect to Success award  from the US 🇺🇸Portuguese Embassy,  Alpha Startup Award from WebSummit, among many others.
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