A One-Stop Lab for Horse Diagnosis

How it works

We offer user-friendly, fast online diagnostic services in a transparent, sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

Just send us the sample to be tested and get certified digital results in few days. 

No need to ship collection materials over long distances.

Do you need to receive your results urgently?
We have the solution. By choosing the PREMIUM PROCESSING SERVICES for an additional fee you can receive your result within 1-3 days.


Activation Plan

Once you've completed your payment transaction you will be provided with a pre-filled activation plan in your email. Orders with Equigerminal never expire. 
The Activation Plan will have specific fields to provide information about the horse being tested, along with the instructions for sample collection, submission forms and shipment.
  • For DNA testing no kit is needed. We'll provide you a sample submission form. 
  • For Blood, Pathogen, Allergy testing you need to be a veterinarian or involve your Horse's Veterinarian. 
At this step you may choose to receive a Sample collection Kit that contains all the collection materials that you need for the purchased tests and an Express prepaid shipping.


For DNA testing pull the hair & tape the hair into the sample submission form.
For Blood and Pathogen testing a qualified Equine Veterinarian is required to collect the samples.



Send samples to Equigerminal Lab at:

Rua Eduardo Correia, Nº13.

3030-507 Coimbra, PORTUGAL


You have 3 options:

1)  You can use your preferred transportation services and send the samples to our lab. We will happy to assist you with letters to customs and permits. 

2 ) You can use our Express Sample Pickup Services.

You just need to provide us the pickup date and address to collect the samples. Then, we'll organize an Express transportation service and samples will arrive at our lab in 24 to 48 Hours.  To arrange this service contact us at geral@equigerminal.pt 

Express pick-up services are free of charge for orders above 200 Euros. For orders bellow 200 Euros sample pickup fees* are applied. 

3) You purchased the Sample collection kit that includes Express Sample Pickup Services. You just need to provide us the pickup date and address. Contact us at geral@equigerminal.pt or by phone. 



Results sent by e-mail

 Free digital certificates signed by a DVM PhD.