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Conditions of Services


The purpose of this document is to regulate the general terms and conditions of the diagnostic services provided by Equigerminal, S.A. 

Company Information

Equigerminal, S.A. is a company registered in Portugal, with the number PT509756638 and headquarters in Rua Eduardo Correia, N13 lote 20.12, 3030-507 Coimbra. 

The company has two sole shareholders Isabel Fidalgo Carvalho and Alexandre Vieira-Pires. 

Validation and acceptance

When a client makes a request, is deemed to be duly informed of the general terms and conditions, and that fully accepts these conditions.

How to order

a) All the orders must be formalised through one of the 2 available options:

  • Ordering online

1. Find the service/product on our online SHOP;

2. Add items to your shopping cart;

3. Complete the additional information requested;

4. Continue to checkout;

5. Send your sample to our laboratory.

After receive your order the laboratory will wait to receive your sample to proceed the test service.

  • Ordering offline (PDF form)

1. Download  PDF sample submission form:

-> DNA testing

-> Pathogen testing

-> Blood testing

2. Fill the form;

3. Print it and send it with the sample or send the digital format to our email address:


All the samples must be accompanied by its order form (online order or PDF order)

Right to Termination

a) The right of withdrawal is only legitimate if the test of the sample in the laboratory has not yet begun

b) This right of withdrawal shall expire with the registration of the sample in the laboratory database

c) From the moment of registration of the sample, Equigerminal Laboratory has the right to charge for the service (s) requested despite the objection.


a) Payment should be made preferably by our online platform;

b) The payment by bank transfer is also available for the offline orders:

Our bank account details:

IBAN: PT50004530204024200487738

c) Other forms of payment may be discussed directly with our financial department:

c) The tests are only carried out after payment.

d) The proof of payment should be sent directly to the email address:


a) The Equigerminal Laboratory provides its clients with a system for collecting samples with the necessary material for the correct collection, packaging and dispatch of biological samples.

b) The collection of samples may be carried out by another alternative collection system, provided that it does not compromise the final quality of the samples.

c) Sampling and proper identification shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

Sample shipment

a) The Equigerminal Laboratory is not responsible for any anomalous situation that occurs during the transport of the samples.

b) Samples must be sent by mail or appropriate carrier, complying with the shipping times indicated by the Laboratory.

Maintenance of samples

a) Subject to prior agreement, after completion of the tests requested by the customer, the Laboratory is not required to keep stored samples.

b) If the client agrees and is in the interest of the Laboratory, the samples may be maintained and used for research and development purposes. The information generated will be treated with total confidentiality, without any indication of the client or animal associated with each sample.

c) In the case of DNA extracted from the samples, the Equigerminal Laboratory maintains a “cryo-DNA bank” service free of charge. Through this cryo-bank the customer can re-test horses without the need to collect a new sample.

Sending Results

a) The results are made available according to the times indicated in the descriptive of each analysis / test.

b) The results are sent in electronic format to the e-mail address indicated by the applicant. The results will only be reported to the applicant of the sample.


a) The deadline for complaints is 30 days after the submission of the test report to the client.

b) The complaint must be formalised through our Custumer Care page

c) Upon receipt of the complaint, the Laboratory Quality Manager will contact the customer within 72 hours.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Please see our Privacy Policy and Data Handing terms.