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Keeping Horses healthy and protected from diseases 

With a deep passion for horses and a mission to keep horses healthy and protected from disease, Isabel and Alexandre have spent the last 25 years of their lives identifying diseases, uncovering new threats and developing innovative equine diagnostics and therapies.

Isabel and Alexandre are the sole shareholders of Equigerminal and all the company's profits are reinvested in R&D or efforts to improve the lives of animals. That is their sole mission

They are also committed to the conservation of an ancient Portuguese breed of endangered native ponies, the Garranos.

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Using cutting-edge biotechnology to improve Horse Health and make them available to all

Their path is an ongoing challenge to make these diagnosis tools available to all horses.
They want to share this path with all those that love horses and work to keeping horses happy and healthy.


Meet Isabel 


Isabel is CEO and CSO of Equigerminal SA, co-tutor of 14 lovely Garranos ponies 🐴 and 2 sweet Cocker Spaniels 🐶🐶.

Isabel's mission is to give horses back all the joy and fulfilment they bring her.

She recognised during her veterinary practice and PhD in the U.S. that much more could be done to improve current diagnosis and therapies for horses.

Isabel is a Veterinarian with a doctorate in equine virology, research experience in immunology and regenerative medicine, inventor and entrepreneur. 
Isabel has been  appointed member of the Animal Welfare National Committee 🐀🐭🐇.
Together with Alexandre Pires, they invested everything in their mission to generate better solutions for horse health.


Meet Alexandre

Alexandre is the COO & CFO  of Equigerminal SA, also co-tutor of 14 lovely Garranos 🐴 and 2 sweet Cocker Spaniels 🐶🐶.

He is a horse  addict and a dreamer that want to bring cutting-edge innovations to horses.  

Alexandre is an agricultural and animal production engineer with an advanced degree in entrepreneurship & innovation management and a PhD candidate in Equine Biotechnology and Health.    
Sadly on January of 2018 Alexandre has lost his beloved 22 years old mare, Ruivinha to NEV disease. She was first diagnosed with NEV in 2014.
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