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WFFS/FFS & PSSM1 - DNA Test bundle

WFFS/FFS & PSSM1 - DNA Test bundle

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DNA Test Bundle: PSSM1 & WFFS

Discover Peace of Mind with Precision Equine Genetics. Our DNA test bundle offers a comprehensive genetic screening for Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy Type 1 (PSSM1) and Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS), empowering you with essential information for the wellbeing of your equine companion.

Tests Included

  • PSSM1 Genetic Test: Uncover the presence of the specific allele at the GYS1 locus responsible for PSSM1, a condition affecting muscle metabolism in horses. Early detection can guide management and care. Learn more about the PSSM1 test here.
  • WFFS Genetic Test: This test identifies the allele at the PLOD1 locus responsible for Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS). Knowing your horse's genetic status aids in making informed breeding decisions. Further details on the WFFS test can be found here.

Sample Collection

Turnaround Time

  • Standard Processing: Results in 5 working days after sample arrival at the laboratory. Clients organize and cover the costs of sending the samples.
  • Premium Processing: Results in 2 working days after sample arrival. This service includes free express delivery. For an additional fee of €35, the laboratory arranges express shipping with package pick-up from your address (available for non-remote regions). For premium processing, please contact the laboratory at for further assistance.

Why Test?

This genetic test helps breeders identify horses carrying the PSSM1 and WFFS alleles. Informed breeding choices can prevent the birth of affected foals. While PSSM1 affects muscle metabolism, WFFS is a fatal connective tissue disorder. Testing for these conditions is often required by studbooks and is highly recommended during pre-purchase exams to ensure the horse's health and performance.

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