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ALLERGY+  Environmental & Insect - AVACTA - Equigerminal

ALLERGY+ Environmental & Insect - AVACTA

Avacta Animal Health Ltd
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ALLERGY+ Enviromental & insect - Avacta 

  • Environmental panel (indoor & outdoor allergens)
  • Insect panel
Serum test

  • IgE antibodies against indoor and outdoor environmental allergens and IgE antibodies against insect allergens
  • Designed to assist in the identification and selection of environmental allergens for avoidance and/or allergen specific immunotherapy (desensitisation treatment)


  • 3 mL serum


  • 6 mL - blood - serum tube


Turnaround time

  • 10 to 15  working days


Why test?

Equine allergies are common and can affect any breed, age or sex of horse. Symptoms involving the skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems can occur for a number of reasons with the diagnosis of allergy being made by systematically ruling out other common conditions. Once diagnosed, knowing what allergens your horse is sensitive to allows you to manage their condition in a way that is specific to their individual needs.

Key points:

  • Rapid and easy identification of potential offending allergens
  • Non-invasive and not influenced by most medications
  • Standardised procedure with excellent reproducibility

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