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Revolutionary NEV Testing

Discover the cutting-edge NEV testing exclusively developed and patented by Equigerminal. This innovative test is designed to detect the New Equine Virus (NEV) with unparalleled accuracy and speed, ensuring the health and safety of your horses.

Our NEV test stands out for its precision and reliability, providing you with the crucial information needed to manage and protect your equine companions effectively. Join the forefront of veterinary diagnostics with our state-of-the-art NEV testing service.

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Exclusive Tests

At Equigerminal, you will find exclusive tests, such as our NEV (Equigerminal) test, as well as outsourced tests like PSSM2 (Generatio IP) and Allercept® (HESKA IP).

Equine Allergy Tests - Allercept®

Provided by Equigerminal in partnership with Avacta Animal Health.

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PSSM2 Genetic Test

Patented by Equiseq, licensed to Generatio_CAG in Europe, and provided by Equigerminal through a partnership with Generatio_CAG.

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