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Equine Piroplasmosis Tests

Equine Piroplasmosis Tests

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Equine Piroplasmosis Tests: cELISA, iFAT & qPCR

Equine Piroplasmosis is a serious tick-borne disease caused by Babesia caballi and Theileria equi. Our laboratory offers a variety of diagnostic tests to ensure the health of your horses and compliance with international trade standards. We provide cELISA, iFAT, and qPCR tests, as well as comprehensive bundles to detect antibodies and the pathogens responsible for the disease.

Available Tests and Bundles

  • cELISA Test
  • iFAT Test
  • qPCR Test
  • cELISA + iFAT Bundle
  • cELISA + qPCR Bundle
  • cELISA + iFAT + qPCR Bundle

When to Choose Each Test

Choosing the right test for Equine Piroplasmosis depends on the stage of infection and the specific diagnostic needs. The table below provides guidance on when to use each test or bundle.

Test Detection Best For
cELISA Test Detects antibodies (IgG) 21 days post-exposure Chronic or inapparent infections, routine screening, international trade compliance
iFAT Test Detects antibodies Additional confirmation of antibody presence
qPCR Test Detects pathogen DNA Early infection, acute infection, febrile horses
cELISA + iFAT Bundle Comprehensive antibody detection Thorough screening for international trade and chronic infection
cELISA + qPCR Bundle Antibody and pathogen DNA detection Combination of chronic and early infection detection
cELISA + iFAT + qPCR Bundle Complete diagnostic coverage Ensuring detection at all stages of infection, comprehensive health management

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