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New Equine Virus (NEV) Status & Viral load - Equigerminal

New Equine Virus (NEV) Status & Viral load

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Pathogen test 

  •  This diagnostic profile determines the NEV status of a horse, as well the transmitting with a viral load test. 
  • Includes a serological test for NEV - to determine NEV status and a molecular test to determine the NEV viral load. 


  • 5 mL - blood - serum tube


  • 5 mL - blood - K3 EDTA tube or 5 mL - Liquor (CSF).

Turnaround time

  • 5 to 10 working days


Knowing the NEV status and viral load of your horse can help keep your horse - and others - safe

Key points

  • The New Equine Virus (NEV) is a horse lentivirus distinctive from Swamp fever virus (EIAV) and similar to HIV-1. Like in HIV infected humans NEV attacks the immune system and natural defence against illness. 
  • A horse infected with NEV will get weaker and weaker until it can no longer fight off life threatening infections and diseases.
  • The rate at which NEV progresses varies depending on age, general health and genetic background. 

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Explore results

  • If your horse is NEV negative :

    Testing shows that your horse doesn’t have NEV. Continue taking steps to keep your horse safe from getting NEV

  •  If your horse is NEV positive :

Testing shows that your horse does have NEV, but you can still take steps to protect your horse´s health.

NEV viral load test indicates the transmitting risk.

  • An undetectable viral load means that the NEV level in the blood is too low to be detected by a viral load test. Horses with NEV who maintain and undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of transmitting NEV to NEV  negative horses. 

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Take action - Find the suggested next steps based on results

If your horse is NEV positive

  • Begin by talking to your veterinarian about therapies to boost the immune system of your horse as well about antiretroviral therapy (ART).
  • Monitoring of NEV viral load levels is crucial to evaluate disease progression and risk.  Like with HIV, ART can’t cure NEV, but can help your horse to live a longer and healthier life. The main goal of ART is to reduce your horse’s viral load to an undetectable level.

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