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Coat colour profile - Equigerminal
Coat colour profile - Equigerminal

Coat colour profile

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8 panel genetic test for coat colour with results in 5 working days.

  • Includes 8 coat colour genetic markers:  2 base colour - Agouti, Extension; 5 dilutions - Cream, Pearl, Champagne, Silver and Dun (D, nd1, nd2) and the Grey* (G/G, G/N or N/N) depigmentation gene.
  • Our Grey test in panels provide the number of copies of the Grey gene (G/G, G/N, N/N)
  • A signed 2-page certificate is provided, with the genotype and potential colours passed on to offspring.  

Sample type:

  • 30 to 40 hair roots 
  • 5 mL of blood  (K3 EDTA tube)

Turnaround time

  • 2 to 5  working days



Additional information

  • DNA tests for coats can be an important tool for selection, elimination of coat-related diseases and enhancing your stud farm.
  • There are various coat colours and tones in the horse species. Judging coat colour by eye is always subjective and can be influenced by a number of environmental factors (light exposure, time of year and feeding) and it doesn’t allow us to predict with any confidence that the “colour” will be passed down. Genetic determination of coat colour can be done correctly in a laboratory using DNA tests. This method allows us to determine with rigour and objectivity the horse´s coat colour and also forecast the potential transmission of “colour” to offspring.
  • Currently more than 16 gene variants have been identified that can influence this phenotypic characteristic.